Frozen Hemp Juice - 1 Month


Frozen Hemp Juice – 1 Month


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Raw Hemp Juice – Power up Your System

As nature and the plant intended. Pure, natural, raw, cold pressed hemp juice to support well being on a daily basis. Rich in CBDa from organically grown hemp plants. Take two cubes daily and power up your smoothie or a juice, or drink as a straight shot with lemon. Potent and powerful – with each 2 daily shots you are receiving the juice from 6-8 hemp plants!


It is well recognised that drinking the raw juice is one of the best ways of benefiting from the cannabis plant. Nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing extracted, just pure, raw hemp juice with the balanced ratio of beneficial compounds as they are found naturally in the plant.

Our hemp juice is made from organically grown plants which have been juiced with extreme care in a slow, masticating juicer. It is then flash frozen immediately to ensure the nutrients are preserved. Raw hemp juice is rich in CBDA and, taken on a daily basis, helps boost energy levels, brighten our outlook and balance our body.  Supporting our endo-cannabinoid system with hemp nutrition is a wonderful gift we can give to ourselves.

Freezing in handy ice cube sized shots means we can enjoy raw hemp nutrition on a daily basis.  The shots of hemp juice are very good value because of their potency.  Hemp is not juicy plant and for every 2 ice cubes taken daily you are receiving the juice from 6-8 hemp plants!  It is rich in vitamins and minerals and a superfood like no other juice shot.  We suggest you take it in a smoothie or juice, or with lemon juice and warm water.  For added nutritional benefits, use the other offerings of this magical plant in the same drink – hemp seed oil for the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, and hemp protein powder.

Our pure, natural, raw cold pressed hemp juice helps you to feel good, cheer up and get going in the mornings. Or to calm down and relax for a good nights sleep in the evenings. Taken daily it boosts your endo cannabinoid system which governs homeostasis – balance of all functions in the body, helping with energy levels and general well being.
The hemp juice is juiced extremely carefully with a very slow masticating juicer to retain maximum nutrition, flash frozen and then put straight into the freezer. It is juiced from organically grown plants and is frozen in 12.5ml shots meaning we can enjoy it all year round rather than just in the summer.
We suggest you take 2 cubes per day which will give you extraordinary nutrition, in particular CBDA which is naturally found in hemp. Add much more power to your smoothie or fruit juice, or lemon juice with water! Each 2 shots contain 6-8 hemp plants! You might like to add our hemp oil and hemp protein powder to the mix as well!
We like the hemp juice in particular because the juice is as offered to us naturally by the plant – with nothing added and nothing taken away.




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