About Our Juices

What do I do when my FW Superfoods Juices have arrived?

We guarantee frozen delivery. Please place the frozen juice in your home freezer straight after delivery and it will keep those nutrients locked in until you defrost itFor best results, do not re-freeze.

You can keep your Juices up to one year in your freezer without loosing any of the nutrients.

How do I best take FW Superfood Juices?

Please place the frozen juice in your home freezer straight after delivery and store in the freezer. This way, the Juice will stay as fresh with the nutrients locked in until you defrost it. For best results, do not re-freeze.

All you need to do is to simply place the frozen cups (lids still on) in a bowl of lukewarm water and leave them to defrost for about 10-15 min. You can then either enjoy mixed with apple juice, orange juice or simply diluted with water. The instructions are also on the back of the bags containing the frozen juice.

Alternatively, you pour some juice (fresh or bought) into a blender. Put the frozen Juice cups under the warm tap to loosen the frozen juice. Then simply add the frozen juice to blender and blend for 30 sec for a perfect drink!

We do advise you to drink the Wheatgrass Juices immediately after defrosting, usually within 15 min, as the nutrients will start to diminish thereafter (i.e. do not defrost and use hours later/ next day or leave overnight in the fridge).

There are many delicious ways of taking your Wheatgrass Juices. You can also blitz into smoothies and shakes with fresh fruits and vegetables from frozen without defrosting, as described above.

How do our Juices taste?

Our organically grown Wheatgrass juices tastes clear, smooth and fresh. Many go as far as to say that once mixed with fruit juices, it is delicious!

Our Wheatgrass and Hemp Juices are all grown organically, with no detectable moulds. This makes the juice taste 100% better and when you drink our Juices there are none of the side-effects incorrectly characterised as “detoxification”.

How long can I store the FW Superfoods Juices in my freezer?

We test our wheatgrass regularly through our collaboration with universities. The research shows that there is no loss of antioxidants and chlorophyll up to 2 years in the freezer. This means you can purchase several bags at the discounted bulk price and simply store in your home freezer. No fuss.

You can see from the table below that the antioxidants and chlorophyll keep at stable levels for over 2 years in a normal household freezer.

What sizes of Wheatgrass Juice can I order?

We offer a variety of Frozen Wheatgrass Juice sizes they are, 15 x 30ml, 30 x 30ml, 45 x 30ml, 60 x 30ml, 75 x 30ml and 90 x 30ml.

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