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I've been using the Fresh Wheatgrass shots now for a couple of weeks.

Being a busy fitness professional I need to keep my energy levels up!

So I can certainly say the shots are very potent and fresh and keep me awake! I love mixing them into my smoothies and juices for an extra boost!

I highly recommend getting yourself a supply of fresh wheatgrass.

gives you an instant and daily energy kick!

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Jamie Lloyd

What's So Good About Wheatgrass?



Chatting on twitter the other day I found an amazing little company who send out frozen freshly juiced wheat grass. If youíre in the centre of London there are probably juice bars on every corner but I donít think there is a single one in Sheffield. I was intrigued, not really expecting to like it but I thought there must be something I could add it too in a smoothie so that I could benefit from all that goodness. I placed my order and next day it arrived in a polystyrene box, so well protected I thought it might just have been kryptonite.

2 ounces of fresh wheatgrass can be the equivalent of up to 3 pounds of organic vegetables and it is claimed that it helps everything from inflammatory problems such as arthritis and ibs to helping to maintain healthy skin and eyes. Of particular interest to me is that it helps with blood pressure, mine does tend to be high and Iím trying a number of strategies to bring it down.

The precious cargo was still frozen and in 15 delightful little pots to take out and use daily and they defrost in minutes or can be used as an ice cube.
I had my chief blender at hand to mix mine with Collagen Shots we have a rule in our house if you dare to make it you have to taste it, on this occasion he declined. It was actually delicious and has become part of my daily regime. Fresh Wheatgrass UK is a family run business, so it is lovely to support the small British Brand doing things differently with great customer service. You can get your little pots of goodness from they come next day delivery and definitely worth a try.



Is Wheat Grass Really Good For You ? http://

Eat your greens, my Mum used to say or you wonít grow up big and strong! Was she right?

You hear the word wheat grass and if youíre like me, you feel like you have to try it and like it! Wheat grass had been a buzzword for some time now and you hear the stories that itís good for you, but is it and why is it?

Iím on a mission to find out!

After doing some online research Iíve discovered that you can buy wheat grass in either a powder or fresh shots.

Lets see what wheat grass is and why itís supposed to be good for me and will this product go on my essentials list?

Wheat grass it seems is classed as a ĎSuper foodí and is a product that can help alkalise your body. Alkalise your body is a key for me as I try and live my life without eating acid based foods. Wheat grass is composed of young shots of wheat before the stalks form a head with grain and it contains no wheat gluten. Clinical studies have confirmed that wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract have healing properties, here are some of the examples as to why itís good for you;

  • The chlorophyll within it can help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • It purifies the body and neutralises the blood.
  • It contains lutein, this helps maintain healthy skin and eyes.
  • It calms the nervous system.
  • Helps the body and brain work at optimum levels because it has a high oxygen level.
  • Reduces blood sugar problems.
  • Anti-aging benefits.
  • Cleanses the liver.
  • Reduces fatigue.

After all that, Iím keen to get going so firstly I opted for a powder version that you can mix with water or in a juice. My verdict, absolutely revolting! However much something is supposed to be good for you, if it doesnít taste nice, for me I wonít be drinking it.

Then, I found a company called Fresh Wheat grass UK who are based in Wales. They state that they deliver the best frozen wheat grass, grown using the finest soil, harvested at its nutritional peak, juiced immediately and frozen within minutes.

A potent raw living food, packed with 90 minerals that can contain up to 70% chlorophyll and full of vitamins and antioxidants. Sounds good to me and the price point is right for me; Iíve opted for the 15-day supply, 15 shots at £18.50 plus £4.95 delivery. The powdered wheat grass from another company was double this price!

Delivery was speedy and the shots were delivered in a secure package with ice packs to keep everything frozen.

The shots come with instructions, you can have one or two of the shots per day and they must be consumed within 6 months.

2 ounces of wheat grass is the equivalent of 3 pounds of organic veg! Wow!

Before I started my wheat grass test, I said to my work colleagues, let me know if you see any changes in me, good or bad! If my nose starts twitching or if I want to lie down in a field because I sense rain then make a note. They said youíre going to eat grass?

Iím going for 2 shots per day and Iíve used the shots, not just as part of a drink but also in my cooking.

  • Before my gym workout Ė a cold green tea with a wheat grass shot.
  • After my gym workout Ė a coconut water with a wheat grass shot.
  • Before a run Ė pasta with spinach, basil, wheat grass and balsamic vinegar.
  • Before Zumba Ė pasta with pesto, wheat grass and toasted pine nuts.
  • A light supper Ė Homemade sweet potato, roasted garlic and wheat grass soup.

So how did it the trial go?

  • The wheat grass looked really fresh and it tasted nice! No nasty after taste.
  • Cold green tea gets my metabolism going before a work out, adding the wheat grass energised me and my workouts were longer and better.
  • Coconut water is full of electrolytes and hydrates me, adding the wheat grass I felt recovery was quicker.
  • I ran for longer and faster.
  • I could have done my Zumba class again straight after!
  • As part of a soup, I felt cleaner and the wheat grass added a delicate flavour
  • Another hectic week for me, but along with my plant based diet this product I feel sure has had a calming influence on me and made me work harder at the gym.
  • I noticed that my eyes sparkled more than usual, in fact one of my male colleagues asked me if Iíd been using eye drops because my eyes were twinkly! Arhhhh thatís nice.

So will I be continuing with wheat grass? I will, for me itís given me more energy this week and is now on my essentials list.

This company not only supplies a fresh, tasty product that I feel has given me so much goodness this week but they also donate 5% of all their profits to Cancer Research UK. How wonderful is that!

This is not a paid review; Iím just hoping that if you try this product and it works for you then Iíve helped you live your life happier and better.

Review by Joanna Tideswell Jo ‏@CrystalnVanilla

Thrive Magazine.